Eco Cell Air bubble Packaging sheet

Eco Cell Air bubble Packaging sheet

Eco Cell’s air bubble wrap provides superior wrapping, cushioning, and surface protection. Whether you’re packaging fine china, electronics, or furniture, our air bubble wrap extends to maintain maximum product protection regardless of the circumstances.

Lightweight Air Bubble Film for all packaging and cushioning requirements… it is a flexible packaging and cushioning material made of polymeric film comprising of small air pockets. The symmetrical air bubble pattern ensures excellent cushioning & provides protection against transit damage. it offers most cost effective protection for all your basic packaging needs. it is manufactured using the right proportion of special polymers to provide assured protection to the product throughout its life span. it is also available in fabricated pouches, cut pieces and small rolls.


Eco Cell air bubble packaging sheet has a wide range of applications. Depending on you needs, we can make it into pouches, sheets or slit into different roll sizes. Our air bubble product can be categorized into plain and anti-static bubble specifications and each having three different diameter sizes (10mm, 25mm, 32mm) .

  • Material:Made from Low Density Polyethylene resins.
  • Function:Cushioning, void-filling, anti-abrasion, and interleaving.
  • Application:Protect light, fragile items, such as: fine china, and electronic goods.

1. Roll stock width can be made into 90 cm, 135cm and 180cm.
2. Roll stock can be silted, shitted, die-cut or made into pouches.
3. Bubble sheet can made 1.5 or 2 times thicker.
4. Roll stock has a tolerance of +/- 1cm.

Key features

Superior burst strength
Bubble withstands pressure and abuse providing maximum product protection

Excellent air retention
Bubble stays inflated to provide continued protection

Tacky film surface
Product remain stationary when packed or during shipment

Good tensile strength
Bubble maintains integrity under stress to give products superior protection

Reduce shipping costs

Good clarity
Product remains highly distinguishable when packed

Environmental friendly
100% recyclable and CFC free

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